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Trapanese Pesto with Red garlic from Nubia

Sun dried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, almonds, basil, red garlic from Nubia (from slow food), vinegar, salt, chili.
Once opened, refrigerate unused portion and consume within 15 days.

Net Weight gr. 180  -  Gross weight gr. 595  -  Duration: 36 months

High quality ingredients are selected from their place of origin with great attention in order to create a recipe that has excellence as its base. This is a condiment of both elegance and class. With this Trapanese pesto , one of the great symbols of Sicilian Gastronomy, the red garlic from Nubia, selected by the Presidi Slow Food recreates an innovative pesto  that has a unique taste and is simply decisive with the taste sensations it offers our palate. It has a quality that is true ‘savoir faire’.

Tips for using the products:

Per sedurre risvegliando ricordi ed emozioni di sapori della Sicilia, usatelo come condimento per esaltare un primo piatto di busiate, aggiungendo poi a freddo un velo di pecorino, fantasiosi ciuffetti di basilico profumato e un filo di olio extravergine di oliva. Una portata perfetta da presentare ai vostri amici più esigenti, in una cornice estiva, davanti ad un buon bicchiere di vino rosso.

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