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Greek Plake Beans

Farming: Certified cultivation under the Integrated Management Crop system

Cultivation area: Kastoria Lake, Kastoria Prefecture, Northwest Greece        

Cultivation: In one of the most beautiful areas of Greece, in Kastoria, we produce the excellent Plake  beans. The area offers a perfect ecosystem with top quality soil and excellent climatic conditions for growing beans at an altitude of 650m to 700m. The soil is considered to be ideal with balanced pH and good drainage of the terrain. Farmers in their small farms, follow traditional cultivation methods with a lot of manual work throughout the process of growing.

Characteristics: The Plake Beans from Kastoria are a Greek variety of high quality that has been cultivated here since the 16th century. This variety is distinguished by the large size of beans, their reniform shape and white colour. Thanks to the unique combination of the microclimate, the soil composition and the traditional farming techniques used, they are thin-skinned and easy to prepare.

Tasting notes: They are delicious and tender with rich taste and aroma. In Greek cuisine, the Plake  beans, thanks to their creamy texture are most favoured for the traditional Greek bean soup called "fasolada".

Package: 400g, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg

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