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Greek Coloured Giant Beans

Greek Coloured Giant Beans (GIGANTES ELEPHANTES) from West Macedonia

Farming: Certified cultivation under the Integrated Management Crop system

Cultivation area: Prespa Lakes, Florina Prefecture and Kastoria Lake, Κastoria Prefecture, Northwest Greece

Cultivation: Our Coloured Giant Beans are grown around the Prespa and Kastoria lakes areas; areas of unique beauty and long tradition in the cultivation of excellent quality beans. The cultivation takes place in small family farms at an altitude of 700m to 860m. The soil is light, warm and fertile, rich in organic matter that drains well. The pH is close to the optimum for growing; that is pH = 5.8-6.

Characteristics: The Coloured Giant Beans from West Macedonia are a local variety with unique characteristics, distinguished by the large size of beans and their purple-black colour. In fact, compared to the white beans they are more nutritional, they have extra antioxidants and a unique taste.

Tasting notes: Rich taste and aroma like that of chestnut and sweet potato! They are ideal for salads.

Package: 400g, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg

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