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Greek Small Chickpeas

Greek Small Chickpeas from Grevena

Farming: Certified cultivation under the Integrated Management Crop system

Cultivation area: Grevena Mountains, Grevena Prefecture, Northwest Greece

Cultivation: The region of Grevena is entirely mountainous with lush forests and biodiversity. The cultivation of chickpeas has taken place in Grevena since the 18th century. Our farmers cultivate their chickpeas in the highlands of the county at an altitude of 650m and higher. The relatively warm and semi-dry climate of the region with little rainfall, the suitable soil type, the well-drained fields with pH 6-8 and low calcium and magnesium favour the production of quality chickpeas and add excellent features, such as delicious taste, colour and thin skin.

Characteristics: Our chickpeas are small in size and of yellow/brown colour. They have very thin skin so there is no need for peeling during the preparation process. Moreover, due to the fact that they keep all of their skin they are rich in dietary fibers.

Tasting notes: Considering the fresh air of the Grevena mountains and the herbs that grow all over the place you can easily imagine how delicious these chickpeas are.

Package: 400g, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg

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