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Fava beans

Greek Fava Beans from Feneos

Farming: Certified cultivation under the Integrated Management Crop system

Cultivation area: Feneos lake, Korinthia Prefecture, South Greece

Cultivation: At an altitude close to 800m and around Feneos Lake, we produce these excellent yellow split peas, called Fava in Greek. The distinctiveness of the land, the microclimate conditions and the calcium rich soil of the small family farms they are grown in make our Fava beans some of the most delicious, rich in taste and aroma in the world.

Characteristics: Our split peas are of small size and yellow colour.

Tasting notes: This top-quality yellow split pea melts when boiled into a delicious velvety puree, typically served with raw onions and olive oil.

Package: 400g, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg

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